When a site is being considered for a construction project of any kind then a site survey would be carried out as this provides the essential information needed to see if the site is suitable for the proposed project.

Whatever the size of the project, whether it be a single house plan, multiple house plans, a few square meters or even thousands of square meters we can accommodate this.

Site SurveysWhen we carry out a site survey we can provide floor plans, elevational drawings and many different kinds of measured building survey completed to the level of detail that is required.

This can be from the very basic walls, doors and windows to the much more detailed 3D set of plans that include everything such as ceiling and head heights, door heights, spot heights etc…

Any information you require can also be included as we will always work to your expectations and make sure you are more than satisfied with our work.

Contact us today if you require a site survey for your building.