Pre-Planning Design SolutionsAt Ecodraw we are experts in analysing the energy efficiency and sustainability of your proposed building against your Local Authority’s Planning requirements. Many local authorities will now require an Energy or Sustainability Statement to be provided along with your planning application in order to demonstrate how your proposed building will meet or exceed their sustainability targets.

For example the many councils within London have to be in line with the London Plan which outlines a strict energy hierarchy major developments have to follow in order to try to achieve a 40% carbon reduction over Part L2 2010 regulations (this equates to a 35% reduction over the Part L2 2013 regulations). Other local area councils such as Colchester Borough Council or Suffolk County Council will have their own energy efficiency and carbon reduction targets you would be required to meet.

At the pre-planning stage we can produce a Dynamic Simulation Model of your proposed building or development to produce a Part L2 SBEM calculation and accurately predict its amount of carbon emissions or how much of the its energy usage will come from renewable sources. We can then compare these results against your local authority’s target requirements in order to determine whether or not your initial design will qualify.

If your initial design does not meet the required standards of your Local Authority, we can work with the Client and Designers of the building to recommend areas of improvement that would increase the efficiency of the building in the most economical way.

Employing us to generate a Dynamic Simulation Model of your building at the beginning of the design process can be both time and money saving. This is because once the thermal model is produced we can quickly and accurately assess the buildings carbon emissions, we can also make a number of changes to the building within our software easily, such as increasing U-Values or improving the services, and compare the results to find your ideal design.

If planning permission is granted, we can also use this same model throughout the design process to assess the daylight levels, possibility of overheating and natural ventilation rates if these are required. We can then also produce the final ‘As Built’ BRUKL documents needed for Part L compliance and also produce your Energy Performance Certificate and lodge it onto the National Register.

By having experienced sustainability engineers on-board early in the design process we can guide you through your sustainability planning requirements and help you to meet these every step of the way until your building is completed.

If you would like us to help with your pre-planning design please get in contact with us today.