At Ecodraw we can produce Low and Zero Carbon technology reports to assess the feasibility of LZC technologies such as Solar panels, wind turbines or biomass boilers to your building.

Many new buildings and developments are now required by their local council planning departments to produce a certain amount of their energy usage from a low or renewable source. They may also be required to reduce their carbon emissions by a certain percentage to meet planning requirements or achieve BREEAM points.

The latest March 2015 version of the London Plan for example asks for a 35% reduction in a buildings carbon emission over the current building regulation requirements.

Low and Zero Carbon Reports

Our Low and Zero Carbon Feasibility studies assess the sustainable energy options for the building as listed below:

  • Initial Review

    We undertake an initial review of the full range of renewable energy options for the proposed building, following the BREEAM guidance.

  • Detailed Study

    We then select the most suitable technologies for the building to assess in greater detail. We will conduct a financial analysis of each the suitable technologies to ensure they are economically viable. We will also assess the carbon emission reduction the technology will have on the building.

  • Recommendations

    Taking into the account the financial and carbon emission results of the building, we will recommend the low and zero carbon technologies most suitable for the building.

  • Results

    The results will be presented in a report that can be submitted to the BREEAM assessor in order to qualify for the BREEAM points.

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