London Plan Energy Assessments Update

We’ve written a previous post about everything you need to know surrounding London Plan Energy Assessments, which you can find here. As of the 1st October 2016 there has been a slight update to the planning guidance that we would like to update you on.

As outlined in the Housing Supplementary Planning Guidance published by the London Mayor in March 2016, any new major residential developments should now meet a ‘Zero Carbon’ standard.

Any new residential properties forming part of a Major Development, as defined in the London Plan, are still required to reduce their carbon emission at least 35% past that defined by Part L2 2013. However, if the remaining carbon emissions of the property, up to 100%, cannot be met through the use of on-site renewables then they can be offset through a cash in lieu contribution to the relevant borough to be ring fenced to secure delivery of carbon dioxide savings elsewhere.

The regulations for commercial properties froming part of a major development remain unchanged. They are still required to achieve at least a 35% reduction over the Part L2 2013 requirement.

As well as a slight change to the residential carbon emission target, there is also a couple of changes that would affect the way a London Plan Energy Statement is carried out. For example:

  • Residential properties will need to show that the cooling hierachy, set out by the London Plan, has been followed. This is to reduce the amount of cooling energy used or remove its requirement altogether.
  • The carbon emission data for residential and commercial aspects of a major development will need to be presented separately in order to effectively show the carbon emission savings for each.

How we can Help

As with most of our Building Regulation and Energy Simulation services, the earlier you can get us involved in your developments design, the better it will be for all parties involved.

Appointing us early gives us time to talk to your borough councils planning departments / offices, allowing us to determine exactly what targets and requirements you will be expected to meet.

We can then formulate the best strategy for your development to meet the London Plan target reduction of 35% as well as any additional planning requirements.

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