Climate change is a very real menace threatening the usability of many modern buildings today. Just because a new building has been shown to comply with the current version of the Building Regulations and that it would not overheat even on a typically hot year, does not mean that due to climate change it will remain that way in 10, 20 or even 50 years time.

Buildings built today should be designed to provide a comfortable working or living environment for next 50 years at a minimum, but how could you design for a scenario so far in the future?

At Ecodraw we have the capability to build a Dynamic Thermal Model of your building and simulate its use using future weather data. The building can be simulated using 3 different time periods which are the 2020’s, 2050’s and 2080’s. We can also run 4 different carbon emission scenarios for these time periods ranging from low emissions, medium to low, medium to high and high.

Future Weather Simulations - Climate Change Simulations

This means we can simulate the future performance of your building 12 different ways (3 time periods each with 4 emission scenarios).

Simulating the building using future weather files allows you to determine which areas are the most likely to suffer from overheating in the coming years and makes it possible for you to treat these issue before they become a bigger problem.

If you would like us to investigate the future performance of your building or have any further questions please get in contact with us today.