3D Revit MEP (BIM) Drawings (1)This is new software that you may not have heard of yet but you soon will as it is very exciting new step in providing detailed plans.

MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing and BIM stands for building information modeling.

This is technologically the next step in the construction drawing process which will show detailed information from floor plans, sections and 3D renders in a collaborative form.

3D Revit MEP (BIM) drawings are used to provide much better designs of a higher quality that allow for projects to be more carefully planned and in turn executed better.

The software we use to create these drawings allows us to maximize our productivity which helps us to deliver your finished designs in a quicker time whilst being at a higher level of detail.

The new details these drawings provide allow you to make much more informed decisions that reduce the time it takes to complete a project which can also improve the buildings overall performance that in turn saves you money.

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3D Revit MEP (BIM) Drawings (2)